Silicone over plastic

Many reasons why to choose silicone over plastic pacifiers for your baby's health. 
Safety is number one priority for our company, that is why we chose silicone over plastic. What's more, we chose medical grade silicone over food grade silicone as it is the cleanest and most allergy friendly silicone type.
Silicone is made from silica, which is derived from sand. It is non-toxic for people and planet+ocean. It is durable and recyclable. Unlike plastic silicone is safe for your babies with no oestrogen-mimicking toxins like PBA to worry about. It is odourless and hypoallergenic. Doctors, scientists and regulators point to a wide array of health problems stemming from BPA and other environmental toxins that are endocrine disruptor. 

Plastic pacifier manufacturers have come under fire from consumers, scientists and regulators concerned about the many toxins used in plastics. Increasingly, many plastic pacifiers are labelled BPA-free and consumers sometimes think these plastics are safe. Unfortunately, BPA-free plastics aren’t helpful when it comes to your baby's health. Researchers have determined that plastic pacifier manufacturers have removed BPA in order to label their products BPA-free and added instead a new chemical called BPS (bisphenol substitute) that’s believed to be more toxic than BPA.


We invite health conscious parents to join our community and purchase our products whether you are worried about your baby’s health or the planet.


A journey for a healthier childhood begins here...